How  do I learn how to buy followers, likes, comments, e.t.c

  • Search for Buywithus247 on youtube, we have uploaded videos on how to purchase some of these services.

How do I know the right link to use?

If you are buying :
  • Profile link ( We donā€™t accept Invite links or private accounts)

Likes - Post link ( Make sure your account is NOT private )

Comments - Post link ( Make sure your account is NOT private )

Youtube Subscribers ( Channel link )

Youtube Views ( Video link )

I purchased followers but I am yet to receive them, what do I do?

  • The first thing you want to do is check and confirm if you used the right link.
  • You also want to check if the account is on private
  • Once all these are checked, you want to check the start time in the description of the order you placed, If all these are met and you still have not gotten the followers, kindly hold on a bit till after 24hrs, you should get them and if not, kindly contact BUYWITHUS247 support number on Whatsapp.

Why are my followers dropping/Unfollowing?

  • You need to understand that we have different services with different pricing on the website depending on your budget. We have the CHEAPEST FOLLOWERS, GUARANTEED AND NON DROP EXPENSIVE FOLLOWERS ( PREMIUM )
  • They all have different pricing for the same quantity, expect more drops if you use the cheapest follower, expect fewer drops if you use the Guaranteed section, and expect NON DROP if you use the NON DROP EXPENSIVE.
  • If you experience a drop while using the non-drop expensive, check and be sure if you have not used the cheapest or guaranteed for that same account, if you have, it is definitely those ones still dropping.

What do these terms mean?

  • Pending ( Your order is in the queue and will start working any moment soon )
  • In Progress ( Your order is being attended to )
  • Processing ( There is something wrong with the order )
  • Partial ( The remains have been canceled and refunded )
  • Canceled ( Your order has been canceled and refunded )
  • Completed ( Your order has been completed )    Watch me know the status of your orders!
  • Refill ( Account will be replenished free of charge in case a drop of followers, likes, views, etc, happens within the set period )

Can I place an order for the same link twice while the first one is still not completed?

  • No, Make sure the first order is completed before placing the second order if you are going to place the order using the same link
  • You can place as many times as possible at the same time if they are separate links

Do I have to be online whenever I place an order?

  • No, you can completely go offline or switch off your phone, we will complete your orders while you are away so far they are well placed.

How do I contact BUYWITHUS247 Customer Care?

  • Kindly click on the CUSTOMER CARE CONTACT on the left side of your Buywithus247 dashboard emoji negative reaction for 'šŸ’šŸæā€ā™‚ļø  BRINGING OUR FAQS TO YOUR NOTIFICATION'

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